Thanksgiving 2002


Present and accounted for:

Rita, Elizabeth, Davin and Theresa (Scully, Fox and Chloe)

Thanks were given to:

The little things we encounter daily in Egypt that mean so much

Old friends and new friends

Absent Friends

Spouses and cats (and not necessarily in that order)

The food that is NOT kofta (today)

Movies watched:

Lord of the Rings

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Topics discussed:

Marriage and sex Egyptian style (Davin's paper)

Egypt as a global political force or NOT

Egyptian social classes

FGM (female genital mutilation)

Thanksgiving at home in our previous lives

Cooking (mostly Rita and Davin)

Martha Stewart (very briefly)

Our non-American friends who didn't show up (at Iftar and in Paris)

Elizabeth's Brother

Culture Shock at the other end

All the newly non-functioning electronic items in Rita's house

How great the Sony VAIOs are

Music played:

White Christmas (about 100 times)

Christmas music classics

All the hot songs from the 1970's (thanks to Davin via Napster)

Of course, the soundtrack from Hedwig

Alcohol imbibed:


Sauvignon blanc

Rum and Coke

Champagne (the good stuff)

Grand Marnier and Jim Beam

The Photos:

click on any to enlarge

105-0511_IMG.JPG (263304 bytes)

Rita's killer chopstick is used to truss

105-0512_IMG.JPG (342825 bytes)

It was raw once, and Davin did chop off the head

105-0513_IMG.JPG (247210 bytes)

No need for Viagra

105-0514_IMG.JPG (250138 bytes)

Time to set off the smoke alarm again

105-0515_IMG.JPG (353698 bytes)

Is it done or over done?

105-0516_IMG.JPG (346513 bytes)


105-0517_IMG.JPG (348869 bytes)


105-0518_IMG.JPG (360889 bytes)

Hi Mom!

105-0519_IMG.JPG (387438 bytes)

Martha, eat your heart out!

105-0520_IMG.JPG (324181 bytes)

Mom's amazing creamed spinach

105-0521_IMG.JPG (387901 bytes)

Have you ever carved a turkey before?

105-0522_IMG.JPG (409595 bytes)

We're full now, but later...

105-0523_IMG.JPG (383463 bytes)

Decimation 101

105-0524_IMG.JPG (326070 bytes)

Okay, will you start the movie now?

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