by Thierry Rabotin

Human presence in production is not simply considered an asset to modern machinery, it is not, as one would say today, virtual, quite the contrary, it is in fact the human touch that characterises our shoes making them "live" almost becoming part of the body. The incredibile sensation that our shoes give, of walking barefoot, isn't and cannot be the aseptic product of an automate manufacturing method but comes from the expert hands of our artisan-technicians who put passion, experience, soul and creativity in their work.

The success of Thierry Rabotin's shoes is perfectly synthesised in one of his phrases: "I like to design shoes that envelop the feet giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot." The "sacchetto" shoes, using a working method in perfect equilibrium between artisan working procedures and technology, are among the most beautiful and original shoes that one can see and at the same time the most comfortable that one can wear.

The goal we were aiming for from the beginning was that of making beautiful shoes but that were especially healthy and comfortable.
What does "a sacchetto" mean? During the sewing phase, the lining, which substitutes the innersole is assembled to the upper by fixing it like a sac along its edge. It differs from the other working porcedures because it does not use a metal reinforcement and thermoplastic glue and this way the shoe becomes lighter. A lighter weight means that it becomes easier to walk, the shoe permits the natural movement of the foot since all the components that usually make it rigid are missing. During the hand assembly, the lining, for which only the best nappa is used, is fixed in two steps to the upper, conserving in this manner softness and capacity of transpiration and providing a perfect ambience for the foot. Only water solvable glues that once dry do not develop harmful vapours are employed. A shock absorbing and transpiring material is inserted between the sole and the lining, to lighten the articulations all along the foot, which thanks to its open cellular structure maintains its volume for a long time.

Anonymous: "Thierry Rabotin's shoes make me happy. They make my feet and back happy, and I feel lust when I see them and hold them.
No, they are not those in-your-face glitter spike heels of the under 30 crowd's passion, but Thierry's lush leathers and scultured wedges and angled toe boxes quicken my breath and keep me jumping to my feet and dancing all night long."