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Challenger Center for Space Science Education.
Over 100 YouTube Channel videos, 200 Podcasts, Webcasts, Interviews with planetary scientist Dr. Alan Stern.

Climate Change Units and Carbon Model Interactive:
 CCEarth4U allows students to research the shifting balance of Earth’s system. Explore different scenarios and challenges with our Carbon/Temperature Model to draw some conclusions about what events are causing the greatest shifts in Earth’s climate. Five scenarios are available: Deforestation, Volcanoes, California Climate, Hurricanes and Frozen Arctic.

Earth Science Challenge: Activities for teachers and students to use to learn about viewing the Earth from space including classroom lessons on how astronauts take photographs from space and how scientists understand them.

Garriott Science Challenge: Richard Garriott is a preeminent game developer and son of NASA Skylab Astronaut Dr. Owen Garriott. As a private space explorer, Richard followed the lead of Educator Astronaut Barbara Morgan (STS-118), through interactive lessons before, during and after his spaceflight to motivate and inspire students.

Sports in Space Game - An iteractive online game that lets students to try throwing a football, catching a pass and blocking an opponent in the 1G environment of Earth, the 1/3 gravity of Mars, the 1/6 gravity of the Moon and the weightless environment of the International Space Station.

Shuttle, Station, Moon

Earth to Mars

Explore: Fun with Science!

Mars Millennium: Earth/Mars Analogies

Mars Millennium: 3-D Mars Images

How to Make Your Own 3-D Glasses!

Teacher's Guide to the 3-D Tour of the Solar System (print edition, CD-ROM), 1999. Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Ocean on Mars

Mars of the Mind

Earth Attacks!


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